Aberystwyth Castle

The ruins of Aberystwyth's castle date from the thirteenth century. They now house a pleasant park and play area.

History of Aberystwyth Castle

Construction of Aberystwyth Castle began in 1277 after Edward I's defeat of Llywelyn ap Gruffydd. Work was not fully completed until 1289, although it managed to survive two Welsh uprisings.

In 1404, the castle fell to Owain Glyndwr and was occupied until being recaptured by cannon in 1408. During this occupation it was made an important seat of Welsh government. The castle also served as a prison to four French prisoners in 1415, while in 1637 a royal mint was established here.

The Castle Today

Aberystwyth Castle view

A glimpse of the Old College and seafront through the castle ruins.

Today's remains are the inner and middle walls of a once great castle, which would once have had a further, outer wall.

The current state of the castle is due to the order for it to be blown up in 1649, combined with the use of it as a convenient supply of stone for the construction of other buildings in the town!

Located inside the castle walls today is the bardic circle of 13 stones - one for each of the old, pre-1974 counties - erected during the 1916 Eisteddfod.

The castle is also home to the war memorial, commissioned from Italy in 1919 and an excellent place to view the bay from.

Things To Do

Also located in and around the attractive and well-maintained castle grounds are a popular children's playground, picnic areas, a putting green and a crazy golf course.

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