National Library of Wales

One of the United Kingdom's copyright libraries, the National Library of Wales houses vast collections and archives, as well as galleries and displays for visitors.

National Library of Wales

The impressive frontage of the National Library.

Founded in 1907, the Library is entitled to recieve a copy of every book published in the U.K. The result is a collection of nearly four million books that has required the building, situated on Penglais Hill, to be extended a number of times to avoid running out of room!

Wales' largest library is where many of the most important Welsh publications are kept and these include the Black Book of Carmarthen, one of the earliest surviving manuscripts written solely in the Welsh language.

As well as books and other printed publications, there are over a million maps, along with photographs, paintings and sound and video recordings.

Since 2016, the Library has also been home to the famous Nanteos Cup. This battered wooden relic was claimed to have various associations with Jesus Christ, from having seen use at the Last Supper to being fashioned from the wood of the crucifix. Later research proved what some thought to be the 'Holy Grail' is in fact an artefact from mediaeval times - but it retains its unique mythology and some still believe it has healing powers.

Exhibitions, Tours and Events

There are permanent exhibitions which provide insights into Welsh heitage and culture, as well as a range of temporary exhibitions in the various exhibition spaces which include both touring exhibitions by Welsh artists and photographers and exhibitions of some of the Library's own collections.

Guided tours of the library are also available on selected weekdays, offering an introduction to the building and its collections.

The library's auditorium, Drwm, has further displays and a cinema and presentation area with regular literary and cultural events. A cafe and shop are also available, the latter including a good selection of family history publications.

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Car parking on site. Bus routes 301, 302 and 512 provide links to town centre.

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