Penglais Nature Park

Penglais Nature Park in Aberystwyth

One of the entrances to the nature reserve.

Situated on the northern edge of the town, Penglais Nature Park is a popular hilltop nature reserve. Spanning 11 hectares, the park offers peaceful woodland walks and excellent views of the town.

Once part of the Penglais Estate, the woodland has been donated to the town by the University. A network of footpaths criss-cross the park which is a combination of beech woods and an old quarry.

The woodland is, as you'd expect, home to a range of wildlife with a reputation for fine displays of bluebells in the spring. The park is worth a visit at any time of year, however, due to the fantastic views over the town. From the promenade to Penparcau, just about all of the town can be surveyed from the old quarry.

Ceredigion County Council designated Penglais Nature Park their first nature reserve in 1996.

Getting to the Park

Routes in to the park include:

The park is open all year round.

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