The Seafront

Aberystwyth seafront

North Beach and Marine Terrace on a sunny day.

Aberystwyth's graceful sweeping seafront is a favourite with visitors and locals alike. Whenever you visit, you'll be likely to find the Promenade alive with walkers, joggers, skaters, roller-bladers, bikers - and those who just want to relax by the seaside.

Stroll along the full 2,000 metre length of the 'Prom' and you'll pass a variety of Aberystwyth's sights and landmarks, from the harbour and marina in the south to the busy main beach and Constitution Hill at the northern end.

Constitution Hill and Victoria Terrace

Constitution Hill marks the quieter northern end of the Promenade and features an impressive cliff railway up to the viewpoints, camera obscura and other hilltop attractions.

Under the shadow of 'Consti' you might also spot locals "kicking the bar". This traditional tap on the railings on reaching the end of the Promenade is an established Aberystwyth ritual that's been practised for decades - though its origins are unclear.

Marine Terrace and North Beach

The busiest section of the seafront is Marine Terrace, fronted by the wide Promenade and home to hotels, houses and student halls. North Beach is mostly shingle and dark sand - but the sea is clean and there's plenty of space to watch the waves, take in the view or catch some sun.

Aberystwyth seafront

Breathtaking sunsets are a regular feature.

The main Promenade also features traditional seaside entertainment including a children's paddling pool and the Bandstand. During the summer season, the Bandstand becomes a venue for a variety of events with appearances from local bands, performers and choirs.

This part of the seafront is also home to Aberystwyth's pier. Constructed in 1864, this soon became a popular attraction. Long since reduced from its peak of 242 metres in length to barely 90, the pier now houses bars, nightclubs, an ice-cream parlour, amusement arcade, snooker club and brasserie.

Also notable is the unusual choice of flags that has lined the main sweep of the Promenade since 1990. The town's most prominent flagpoles are dedicated not to the major powers, but to a selection of the minority nations and regions of Europe which have their own unique languages. It's intended as a symbol of support and friendship, as well as a reflection on the rarity of seeing a Welsh flag abroad.

As well as the usual mix of locals and holidaymakers, the Promenade is also a popular meeting place for a large number of bikers from near and far. There's a dedicated parking area at the centre of the Promenade, as well as a new motorcycle gear shop just along the seafront.

New Promenade and South Marine Terrace

Completed in the early 1900s, New Promenade begins at the pier and then winds tightly around the edge of the castle grounds, passing the war memorial, St Michael's Church and the Old College.

A seafront landmark, the Old College was originally built as a hotel in the 1870s; when this venture failed, founders of the recently-established university college took the opportunity to secure a permanent base for the institution. Although Aberystwyth University is now mainly based on the hillside Penglais campus, this ornate, Gothic-style building still houses a few university activities.

South of the castle, guest houses and private homes line this quieter stretch of seafront. There's also the large expanse of South Beach and the harbour, developed in the 1990s to include a new marina.

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Marine Terrace & New Promenade

Car parking throughout, with motorbike parking close to junction with Terrace Road. Also various car parks.

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Walking Distances

Jogging or walking along the Prom? Useful reference points:

  • South Road to Bandstand: 1 km
  • Crazy golf course to far end of Victoria Terrace: 1 km
  • Entire Promenade including harbourside jetty: 2 km

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